Traveling with a bus

In da buss, Pärnu-Tallinn
In da bus, Pärnu-Tallinn
Todays hitchhiking went very nicely (with umbarella), without too much waiting on the roadside. From Pärnu, Estonia I got best hitchhiking ride ever. In-city bus stopped right there front of me. Driver was swedish woman, though she was living in Gdansk, Poland. Buss was coming from a factory and she was driving it to Tallinn.

We didn’t have any good commong language, but it went well with combination of three languages. ”Tack so mycket, it was dobra travel, dziekuje! Do widzenia! Heijdo!”

Then I was stuck again, this time in Tallinn. Next ship will departure at 9pm, so I’ve been waiting here many hours. So not, Tallinn is beatifull.

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