Some start of the year randomness

It’s just another day. Another sunny day.

In this bright sun I like the shadows. I like following how people dissolve in the sun, become all the same: stripped out of their statuses, opinions, clothes. Just shapes. Just shadows in the yellow-red horizons.

Sunset, Antalya

Have you been in the red planet of the bricks? The driver that picked us up in Cyprus happened to need a box of those, so we got straight into the brick factory. The streams of water were splashing, the bricks were steaming. All these brown red colours and enormity of this place gave a feeling of a different planet. Planet of the bricks.

Brick factory, Cyprus

Southern coastline of Turkey is full of hotels and banana plantations. It’s somehow soothing to stare at these huge branches hanging from the trees. You know, all these predetermined perceptions from childhood, that apples are casual and bananas are exotic. At least on at tree. When in the wrong country for bananas, all is left is to create some funny home compositions with bananas growing from piles of suitcases.

Mikael and bananas

And how about mountain peaks growing out of water puddles? We went hiking a week ago, following mountains, beaches, and reflections. Combinations of all those. I love these reverse worlds, slightly blurred and mysterious.

Mountains in the puddle, Lycian way

Mysterious worlds need mysterious inhabitants. While searching for firewood Mikael suddenly came back bringing a hand. Then – a pair of legs. And finally there appeared a body of this beautiful mermaid. It seems she has traveled for a while, different coasts of sea eventually adorning her body with shells. Impressive, though somehow spooky to have this creature sitting at night in front of you lighted by the bonfire.

Half body on the beach, Lycian way

It’s more spooky than all these fake pirate ships back in Antalya. The old town harbor is filled with “sail” ships, rivaling each other with large and supposedly scary figures in front of each. It’s fun though to stare at them sitting somewhere on the rocks and try to trap them with your shoes. Just for your own view.

Fake pirate ship, Antalya

When seas with pirate ships and mermaids are too far away you can always create your own aquariums with colorful fishes. I leave the real fishes in the vast seas and oceans though. My fishy earrings suffice for making magic.

Earring fishes in the glass

Still, the best magic comes from the teapot. Especially, if the teapot is orange, has a pointy hat and is full of herbal tea. Especially if it’s dark and cold outside and a world around seriously lacks colors. Abrakadabra!

Magic teapot

The New Year’s Eve magic in Turkey apparently consists of flying lanterns in the sky, lots of shouting and whistling at midnight, sipping tea in the bakeries and playing cool music in the bars. Only a few fireworks ( not that I’m missing money being exploded into the air and frightening boom bangs). Instead here are some colorful fountain fireworks for the festive feel!

Colourful fountains

Very random New Year’s greetings to all!
A day too late, but with sun and hugs from Turkey’s Southern coast included!

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