Some reflections and sunsets from the big cities

We happened to be zigzagging in Western Europe for a few weeks. Actually, hopping around the big (and not so big) cities. Hitchhiking in between. Working in between. Seeing friends meanwhile.

Big cities are tiring.

But then.

In Paris I cycle around with city bikes to avoid busy metro stations. While cars fly past I stare at those parked around there. Not that I’m interested in cars. But in these:

Reflection in Paris

then I try to distort some nicely shaped houses in Brussels

Brussels reflection

or find a bus driver’s head stuck in the building in his front window.

Bus driver's head

And when playing with buildings stops bringing fun, I start looking at people. A girl sits in the cafe with all the layers of the street stamped onto her reality.

Brussels cafe

Different personalities wait for the bus in Brussels with ghostly reflections around,

Bus stop

the fruit seller in Paris makes use of advertising ( or graffiti) on the wall,

Fruit seller in Paris

crowds chill along the canal in Berlin. And I look through the green leafy cover at the other side.

Summer Sunday in Berlin

And then all the joy of water!

Boat in Berlin

I stare at the water surfaces

Bridge in Berlin

until the reflected reality becomes more beautiful and more real

People in the water in Leipzig

especially at sunsets

Reflection of the bridge in Berlin

especially on a float lazily carried by the stream.

Float in Berlin

Sunsets are perfect for catching silhouettes of cyclists over the bridge in Amsterdam,

Sunset on Amsterdam bridge

having a picnic along the Seine in Paris,

Paris sunset

observing the church in M√ľnchen through the cloud of mosquitos

Sunset mosquitos in Munchen

and lurking behind the light pole in Berlin to catch the dreamy mood of passers-by.

Sunset people in Berlin

And then there’re all the untold stories about trees full of green parrots, powerful waterfalls and wonderful people. More city randomness here

Greets from the French Alps!

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