Pogoing all night

ManGo performing in Riga, Latvia.
ManGo performing in Riga, Latvia.
So far partylife of Riga hasn’t been too wild, even it’s a lot of tourists around old city. This time it was friday, and woah!

It started by dancing some ska punk with teenagers at some art college. My latvian mate who I met in Poland last summer was performing without a last string on his guitar on these parties. Thats what I call punk. Pity I didn’t have more time to chat with him, but Riga is so near Finland. And I just love Baltics.

After that I spent some good’n’grazy time with bunch of CouchSurfers. So much australians again! Riga is full of them. And finnish people too. Dancing, dancing.

I left Riga today, not too early though. After last night staying up for a very late, I knew this would happen: I’m stuck somewhere in the countryside of Latvia. SalacgrÄ«va, only 10km to Estonian border and it’s raining cats’n’dogs.

I found some fanzy hotel, but just too expensive for me. “Sprichst du Deutsch?” Nein… But somehow I managed to bargain the prize under a half of it’s original. Yep, that’s still possible in Baltics.

One more day before school starts again.

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