About magical moments or just happy New Year!

I know I’m addicted to views, carrying my camera everywhere. Even without it, I tend to see the world as stopped moments, or shots from a movie. Especially when walking alone all in my thoughts.
But I noticed that I’m also the happiest when I see all as moments, when there is no place in the mind for trying to fit the world to some expectations, opinions or any other frames.
When the world is beautiful the way it is. Just little magic moments.

Yesterday I was walking long way outside Faro to the beach. No houses around, just wide rather empty roads, fence of the airport, forest on the other side… and then I hear the drum sounds! The music spreading all around, coming from nowhere! Some surreal feeling.
And then round the corner I see this. As if it was Kusturica movie where you might meet an orchestra wandering in the countryside or Sigur Ros playing at wonderful Icelandic landscapes. But this Portuguese man just can’t play at home, cause its too loud so seeks a place to practice in the middle of nowhere… As simple as that. But it put a smile on my face.


A smile like that day in summer when I noticed these tomatoes growing in the cracks of the pavement. In almost the center of Vilnius!

Pomidoras šaligatvy

It’s this surprise feeling that makes some moments magic. When you don’t expect, when you don’t even imagine such views exist. Like when hitching in Montenegro this summer we were dropped out somewhere next to this. Such red colours in the blue sky and the enormity of the place…

Sudegę automobiliai prie Podgoricos

Or it’s enough to wake up and open the rooftop window to “rise and shine”

Pro langa Lisabonoj

Sometimes just next to home, in the usual backdrop of dirty old garages, sky suddenly starts burning like this.

Degantis dangus

And waves emerge like fountains when walking along the road

Bangos pakeliui

or you enter the land that looks like the surface of Mars ( or I imagine so)

Marso pavirsius

I so love the beautiful sunny days when the long shadows are following you all around. I can trace them so long that the world of shadows becomes almost more real that that of the real shapes…

Raudonos zemes seseliai

And even if it’s raining, the drops make such music, streets may become rivers, views become blurred and the whole world around you seems to transform to something so different.

Lietus turguje

And after the rain you can look up when looking down. Staring at the puddles on the road.

Atspindys baloj

At such moments I wanna jump and fly, spreading elegantly my wings like a seagull.

Issklendes sparnus

And of course, these other magic moments which don’t get to photos, like when faces of those dear to you shine with happy smiles and you know its for real :) Or strangers pass by whistling a melody. Or you just feel happy for no reason at all!

So I wish you all a year full of tiny happy moments! Or I rather wish you to notice them, cause they’re all here!

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