I love streetmarkets

Streetmarket in Riga
Streetmarket in Riga
I just love streetmarkets of east-Europe. Also in Riga this big one near main railway station is super. I wish we could have this big and diverse places also in Finland. You can find Everything for cheap prizes. Electronics, meat, cheese, vegetables, tee/coffee, shoes, bags, hats, tobacco, waterpipes, jewelry, umbarellas, papers/pens, candy, cookies/cakes, mushrooms, everything made out of plastic, fabrics and somebody was even selling funny looking plastic bags and nothing else! On one meat desk there where whole pig hooked on the wall. Off all those animal parts they where selling, many of them I didn’t have any idea. “Does that come from animal? Really from a cow?!”

Shoes and everything else execpt food seemed to be mostly pirated. Adidas shoes for 10 euros? No way. It’s so much of clothes also, so buying these must be popular though. About quality I don’t know, maybe they are good enough.

But food! Oh. So fresh and good looking. Would be paradice to live next to this kind of place.

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