Autumn trip to Riga

I’m doing a short hitchhiking trip to Riga, Latvia. Why? Just for fun – we got one week autumnleave from school.

Traveling by hitchhiking usually means having an adventure and I mean even before you get to where you are traveling to. So it was this time too. Almost half of my trip I needed to make in Finland. It’s 150 kilometers from Jyväskylä to Tampere (whitch I hitchhiked) and then 177 kilometers to Helsinki. I was trying to HH for over an hour in Tampere, but I was freezing to my bones. Cold wind and wet snowing. Why to make lovely hobby so horrible? To trainstation, it was then. I wanted to spent next night in Tallinn, so I actually needed to catch up last ferry too. So I was being also practical, not only lazy sunday-HH’er. (Though it was monday).

Next morning was routine for me, a bus 18 from center to the hitchhiking place. Last stop and thumb up. Woot! Still raining, freezing cold and four other hitchhiker before me on the road! After buying more warm clowes+umbarella (and great lunch) from nearby market, I finaly started other half of my trip, outside Finland. Towards Latvia! I must look like a robber or something with my dark clothes and black winterjacket. Not so fast HH’n this time, I mean. All drivers where speaking finnish, for it is easy to learn for estonians and it’s common to work in Finland. Near Latvian border I jammed totaly, next to some 24h-open gas-station. It was dark already and I’m not carrying my tent. Finaly some estonian roadtrip-boys took me – all the way to Riga. Want to come to Amsterdam with us? And back around Sweden after one week. Not bad idea!

But naa, I dropped out in a circle-road that goes around Riga. It was dark and over 9pm. Just road, but whoa! There where three russians trying to fix some old’n’rusty car of them. I found myself pushing that cars engine on. When it worked, I got ride to Riga. Yay!

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