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8.12.2015 / / Mexico
3.11.2015 / / Mexico

So we happen to be in Mexico. It’s the beginning of November and definitely no trace of winter. But I do find some similarities with home. In the cemetery. For the vast majority of November 1sts in my life I’ve gone to cemetery to light the candles on the graves…

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17.5.2015 / / Turkey

Sometimes time runs faster than you can capture it. Especially when you wanna capture it to stories. And stories you can either live in or observe and tell – not both at the same time. That’s why my story time is lagging four months or so. It’s still in Turkey.…

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30.1.2015 / / Turkey

There is a market in Antalya we go to every week. It’s lively, full of colors, fresh veggies and personalities. We keep coming back not only for eggplants, oranges, avocados, dates and carob beans, but also to visit “kind cheese girl”, “proud fisherman” and “cheerful olive man” among others. These…

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2.1.2015 / / Traveling

It’s just another day. Another sunny day. In this bright sun I like the shadows. I like following how people dissolve in the sun, become all the same: stripped out of their statuses, opinions, clothes. Just shapes. Just shadows in the yellow-red horizons. Have you been in the red planet…

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